Friday, July 3, 2009

Collecting too much manna!

The kids and I include Bible study as part of our curriculum and last week we read Exodus 16. God instructed Moses to tell the Israelites to gather enough manna to last for just one day. Some of them disobeyed and collected enough to put aside for the next couple of days. To them it seemed wise. They were planning ahead, cutting the length of time they'd have to be out working the following day and giving themselves an illusion of control in case God changed His mind and didn't provide any for the following day. It seemed wise but was really based on a lack mentality! Of course we all know that the extra manna ended up going off and getting full of weevils. And God clearly could not be pleased by this.

This reminded me where I often get things wrong and go off-track. So many times when I've felt down in spirit, soul and body (because they're all connected), I've stepped back and realised that I'm holding the weight of tomorrow along with that of today! That's too heavy for anyone. We're asked to live each day as it comes and do what lies directly before us. Even when it's a long term job (such as raising a family or writing a book), we only need to do today's part today. That's why God split up time in a number of many little 24-hour compartments.

My thoughts sometimes run along these lines. 'It's going to be so hectic next month! What if the book shops don't sell any of my books, and then they won't buy any more from me? How will I help Logan (oldest son) to work out what his ambitions are, since he's already 14 and doesn't seem to have many?" I came to see this sort of thinking all involves bearing tomorrow's weight today.

A little book I was reading explained that when we dread or anticipate events in our thoughts, it's just as we're going through the pain or doing all the hard work more than once! That was enough for me. It'll be taxing and tiring enough to get there where the time comes. I'm certainly not to wear myself out going there over and over in my thoughts!


  1. Don't worry! God's got it under control!

  2. What you said at the end is exactly why I try not to think about events until I absolutely have to!

    My mother used to be so afraid to fly. She would worry before and during the flight. She finally got over this fear by thinking of God's hand holding the plane and carrying it to its destination. I adapted this idea to use for other worries I have. It has really helped me calm down to know that my problems are in God's hands.

    Peace and Laughter!

  3. Thanks for this reminder Paula. I really appreciated this post.

  4. Boy, you sure have me pegged with that sentence, "...when we dread or anticipate events in our thoughts, it's just as we're going through the pain or doing all the hard work more than once!" That is me, time and time again! I know it's a pointless and even damaging to the soul. Therefore, I will try NOT to pre-live events. Thanks for the reminder.

    Please tell Logan his letter arrived - thanks! And thank you for your contribution - very sweet of you!

    Have a terrific week!

  5. Planning is prudent...when we are not disobedient, and worry falls directly into disobedience. Phil. 4:6-7 are some of my favorite verses along those lines. My problem tends to be not taking every thought captive for Christ. I have to do a lot of back-peddaling and remind myself that God works all out for His glory and my good. Wouldn't it be easier if I could just stop mid-thought and correct myself?

    Have a wonderful week.