Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was honoured and surprised to receive this gorgeous award not once but twice from two fellow Aussie bloggers. They are both terrific writers.

Narelle from Moments for Mum writes devotions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of busy mothers. Her thoughts highlight topics that are close to all of our hearts and keeps reminding us of our most valuable priorities. She's published a great book of these reflections that I finished very quickly because they are so friendly and easy to read, (see her blog on my toolbar for details). Narelle is planning to release another one in time for next Mother's Day.

Janet has been publishing "Footprints" magazine for several years now, full of wonderful stories, articles, letters, reflections, reviews, tips and more. It always lifts my spirits to find the lastest issue in my letterbox. How often do we find anything that good in the post? How often do we get anything that is not a bill or a dental reminder or an advertising circular or a bank statement?

So before I hand on this award to others, I thought I'd give both these ladies a pat on the back through cyber-space for using their skills with words to so directly bless so many people.

Now, the rules are that we hand this award onto 15 other blogs and drop the bloggers a line to let them know that they've received it. 15 is a lot of blogs so I'll go for 4 of my favourites. These ladies know that I think their blogs are lovely because I've been following them for quite a few years now.

That is Kate, Cristina, Carrie and Comfy. You ladies all bless me with your thoughts on homeschooling and philosophy and just being able to share the glimpses of your lives from so far away. Thanks for the great reading you've given me, and all that which is still to come.


  1. Thank you, Paula! How sweet of you to give me this award! I agree with the other awards you gave - I enjoy those ladies' blogs as well.

    About the biscuits - yes, to us, they are somewhat like scones, though the dough is lighter, usually. They are a plain, sugarless dough you roll out about 3/4" thick, cut into rounds and bake. You can also drop by rounded spoonfuls but this makes a lumpy biscuit. They are good with butter, jam or honey, either for breakfast or dinner (with fried chicken & gravy, for example). Some people eat them topped with a sausage gravy (biscuits & gravy) for breakfast. The recipe I made from the magazine was for biscuits with various fillings - I made the one with browned ground beef topped with swiss cheese. Simple and very filling but very good!

    I happen to love scones and have tried several different recipes but I have never made a scone equal to the ones I've enjoyed in bakeries. I really love chocolate chip scones but my favorite was a lemon scone with candied ginger chunks. Oh, it was SO good - I don't usually like something so rich but this was amazing. Unfortunately, the bakery that makes this scone is about 3 hours south, down the coast. Which is good for my waistline, don't you think?

    Thanks for brightening my day!

  2. Thank you for the award Paula. I hope you know that I also find your blog a wonderful place to visit!

    I enjoyed looking at your flood pictures. I know you are getting off of years of drought, so I am very happy for your wet weather! I'm very grateful for the cool summer we've enjoyed so far. It's nice not to need the air conditioner. Usually we have it up and running by the middle of June!

    Thank you again,
    Peace and Laughter,