Thursday, July 30, 2009

Next few days

It'll be busy around my place for the next two days. Tomorrow I'll be driving down early to the airport to pick up Rochelle, a friend and houseguest from Brisbane. She will have her 6-month-old baby, Constance with her. My daughter is very excited at the prospect of having a baby girl with us for two days. Rochelle is going to publish my book "A Design of Gold" in October! That's very exciting. The details of her brand new Christian publishing house are in the Links section of my website. She's also the driving force behind "Light the Dark," the new party plan company that sells Christian books, gifts and products created by Aussies.

We'll be holding one "Light the Dark" info afternoon at my house tomorrow afternoon and in the evening I've been invited to speak along with two other ladies at a church function for ladies at a local Adelaide Hills church. Then on Saturday afternoon we'll have another "Light the Dark" session. On Sunday morning I'll be dropping Rochelle and Constance back to the airport by 6.10. It's all going to be great fun but those who know me can probably guess that three back-to-back events is a huge boost of excitement in my normally calm routine. I wonder what the effect on me will be.

I'm hoping Adelaide will put on its best display of winter weather. Since my last post, that rain has been steading drumming down every day. I've been rolling Emma's guinea pigs' hutch into the shed every night so the little things don't turn into furry icicles. Andrew thinks I'm spoiling them, but I don't want to take the chance of them catching colds and getting sick. The mud by the shed door has been churned up by the hutch's wheels. It's all good, of course. Just the way our old winters used to be. But I've been watching the national weather and Brisbane has been having sunny, 22 degree days. Adelaide really is a beautiful city but I can understand that a Queenslander, who comes from the state where it's "beautiful one day and perfect the next" might not realise that's true. I wouldn't want her to get the impression that it's freezing, wet and bleak! But that's just part of the Adelaide's rich tapestry.

I'll be back next week with my usual blogging.


  1. I hope you and Rochelle have a really successful weekend Paula.
    Can't wait to hear about it :)

  2. Sounds so exciting! Hope all goes well, including the weather!

  3. Hi Paula, I am new to your blog and thought I'd say hi. My name is Tab and I am a fellow writer. I have written a few articles for footprints magazine. Don't know if you have heard of them? Any way they were giving away a free copy of your book to the winner of one of their recent competitions. I was the winner, so I thought I'd come and meet the author of the book I just won. I can't wait to read 'Risky way home.' I see from your blog that you have another book in the pipeline. How exciting. All the best. Tab

  4. I hope you are resting up from what has been a successful few days! How exciting! I hope everything went well for you. Did Emma enjoy the baby? By the way, my oldest sister is named Constance - we call her Connie (she doesn't like her given name but I think it is pretty). Anyway, looking forward to hearing how things went.

    Take care,