Friday, April 16, 2010

Catch up at last

It's been a long, long since I've updated here.

The fact is I decided to take a break from internet for a few months. Early in the year I had a chronic health problem which wouldn't go away, (but now it has, hooray!!), and a worrying financial problem which was a real hassle, (but now it's been sorted out, thank goodness). It was a really, really horrible time actually, so now that these two things are over I'm happier than ever with my old lifestyle. Yet after taking such a long holiday from the internet, I started wondering what I was going to do about blogging. Would I just start off where I left off? Not to mention I feel ashamed of not catching up with good friends on their blogs.

Anyway, while this was all going on, my family started to get more of a fascination with Facebook. They began to convince me that many more untapped "fans" might be reachable through setting up a fan page, so over the last few days that's what I've done. So for now, I've decided to put this particular blog on hold for an experiment, but I'm keep up my thoughts and impressions through my fan page on Facebook. I'd rather just have one thing happening than two.

So I'm going to begin visiting blogs again and leaving comments, as I'd love to know how you're all going. And I'd like to invite anybody who liked to keep up with this blog to visit my Facebook fan page and share your thoughts with me. I'd really love that.