Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My tribute to Michael Jackson

Like the rest of the world, I've been very melancholy and sad this past week. I always feel this way when I hear of somebody with brilliance and everything at their feet ending up wasting themselves and dying prematurely. He still had far too much to give the world. But when I think about it, how could it be any other way? He was a victim of fame, seeming to prove that no matter how we elevate a person, they are only flesh and blood like all the rest of us.

He never knew a normal lifestyle like most of us. He was in the spotlight from the time he was six years old. I actually don't remember those Jackson 5 days but I've heard some of their music and would have loved to have been around back then. My personal experience of Michael Jackson's music begins in the early 80s with albums such as Thriller. But my point is, how can a person who has known nothing but fame and adulation manage to cope during those times when it looks like popularity is waning and album sales are getting lower? It would be foreign to anything he'd ever imagined and nobody could expect him to.

Another thing, how do you expect a person to come up with more stage theatrics and sensationalism when it looked as if he'd already given his absolute all early on in his career? He'd already thrilled his fans by being shot above the heads of the crowd like a rocket! He took upon the added pressure of trying to keep coming up with enough to keep satisfying the thrill seekers. No wonder he crumpled! No wonder he began making some weird personal lifestyle choices! I sould like a psychologist but it's so easy to understand. I really feel terribly sorry for him because in a way, all his life he has been a victim of other people's whims and fancies.

We watched a special documentary on his life last night and I wanted to cry several times. He looked so stunning and fantastic around the time he was in his early twenties. It's been sad to watch what he's done to himself. I don't know how true it is, but they said on the news last night that the coroner's report found nothing in his stomach but drugs, needle pricks covering his body and he only weighed 50 kilograms. He was a tortured soul and may he rest in peace.

One thing is clear, this proves again that we cannot control our own destinies. I supposed God could have said, "OK Michael, I'll wait until you finish your concert tour," but He didn't. Now ticket sellers have the monumental task of trying to refund purchasers. We humans make many, many plans but times like this show that our control is an illusion.

Perhaps one of the saddest parts of the whole documentary was the recent press conference at the end, when Michael Jackson, already looking gaunt and spent, said, "I'll see you in July!"


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  2. Yes, his story is so very sad. What good is it to gain the whole world? Very sad, indeed.

    The deaths in the news have made for more in depth discussions around the house, too. You'd mentioned in your comment on my blog about wondering, if the marriage/love topic was taught in school, would folks would even listen. Sadly enough, I don't think that in the quick-gratification society over here that people generally want to plan for the long term affects of their actions. I am blessed that my kids are begining to figure that out now. :)

    PS Sorry about the earlier comment mess-up/deletion. Hopefully now all will post well...

  3. When Todd told me the news, I have to say I wasn't surprised at Michael's death. It was almost a relief, in a way. It has been painful to see him as he has appeared in recent years. I remember very well the little boy in the Jackson 5 - we watched them on TV whenever they were on, including the Saturday morning cartoon (did you know they had a cartoon as well?) I actually preferred his album, Off The Wall which was prior to Thriller. (I can't seem to get the song, "Off The Wall" out of my head these last few days!)

    I wish we could just forget all that has happened in recent years with him and just remember him as he was at the time of Thriller - after that, things got weird. So many questions remain but it really doesn't matter, does it? I wonder about his soul. And I pray for his family. Yes, I'm sad, too. For a lot of reasons. And it was so sudden, I'm sure his family is struggling at the shock.

    Chad and I have been discussing all this, Michael's family, his past, his music and some of the problems he's had recently. So many memories I'd forgotten ... I remember the first time Janet walked on stage during her brothers' TV variety show. The first time the Moonwalk was performed ... I suppose Michael would be glad that so many people are missing him.

    Music really does bring people together, doesn't it?

    Take care,

  4. I agree with Kate. Things got weird after the Thriller album. It was painful to watch what he did to himself.

    I wish the best for his children. That is who I worry about the most.

    Wonderful post Paula.


  5. Hi Paula
    This is a great post. I meant to write about this myself but could not do it justice like you did! Thanks!
    Chat soon

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