Friday, April 17, 2009

Prophets and Writers

I was doing some Bible reading and 1Corinthians 14: 3 seemed to leap out at me for some reason. It said, "The person who prophesies speaks to people for edification, encouragement and consolation."

I'd probably read over it many times before without wanting to step back and zoom in on that verse specifically. The reason it stood out now is because I've been wondering how to answer the question, 'What's the point of writing romantic and/or fantasy fiction?' I'd decided the best answer is that it's just fun. I enjoy telling the stories and I like it when others enjoy reading them. I'd decided that must be enough. Then 1Cor 14: 3 popped up. I like that idea about speaking to people for edification and consolation but especially encouragement. I thought, "Prophets and writers might have something in common." And then I remembered something a good friend of mine wrote in an email a few weeks back. She'd been talking about that very thing.

"Our ability to put words together as a message for others is a prophetic gift. All creative/performing arts are. As prophets we speak forth or express God's message to audience or readership He calls us to move in. We need to be bold like prophets and not grow weary."

I love that. Although in the past I've sometimes been sad that writers aren't mentioned specifically in lists of spiritual gifts, it may be because writers and prophets share the same taproot. This is a thought that encourages me to push on and not lose heart, like Isaiah and Jeremiah of old who were certainly not always received favourably (in fact most often the very opposite.) Writers and prophets share the same purpose. We proclaim God's message. Even something as unlikely as romance and fantasy can do this.

The Good News version of 1Cor 14: 3 says "The one who proclaims God's message speaks to people and gives them help, encouragement and comfort." Even a good romance story can do that in its own way!

I loved the comments and feedback on my post about dual blogs. I'd been intending to diversify and begin another blog but have decided to stick with just one for the time being. It's new name, Faith, Family and Fiction reflects all of my passions. (Homeschooling will be including Family to stick with the alliteration). After this post I can clearly see how they can easily overlap anyway, so if I had two blogs, I'd find it tricky to work out where to put them. Hence my decision to stick with one for now.


  1. I love that! Thanks for sharing it. And I do have to agree that I prefer putting everything on one blog. My life is too jumbled to organize it in separate blogs. :o)

    RYC: I don't consider a low sign up to be a sign of failure, just poor timing. :o) I've found that it is hardest to plan events around holidays because families are in the midst of visiting, travel, and in this area, testing and preparing for the end of the school year. I'll try the poetry night in June and see if that works out better!

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. I LIKE this revelation!!!
    God IS the God of Imagination. :-)

    I like the new blog title, too.

    Tell Emma that we're working on a long newsy letter -- we're just really behind and distracted!!!

  3. I like the new title! Alliteration is always good.

  4. I just spoke at a women's conference on Saturday about creativity and artistry in the home. Just like flowers gracing a table, a good story can bring happiness, interest and pleasure. Whether we eat, drink or whatever we do (including writing!), do it all to the glory of God. :)

    Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week.