Thursday, April 2, 2009

Multiple Blogs

As you may have gathered from my extended absence, the editing continues. But this is not about that saga.

I've been thinking of beginning another blog after reading an article about the benefit of multiple blogs. The man who wrote it believes that every blogger should keep one blog for each of his passions. He says this inspires us to keep up to date with each of our passions. It pushes us to keep learning because we can only post something on our blogs if we do. The responsibility to update our blogs gives us the necessary pressure to keep learning.

I found this interesting because I'd been thinking this blog is a bit of a mongrel, so to speak. Even before I came across this article, I knew there was no theme to it. I talk about homeschooling issues, about writing and about my faith and family. If I really want to take his idea to the extreme, I could have four blogs, one for each of the above. But that makes me baulk straight away. Sometimes it's enough to upkeep one blog, let alone four!

But I was toying with the idea of beginning a brand new blog specifically about creative writing to encourage all writers, because I believe we are a forgotten, hardworking part of the population who really needs encouraging. I'm sure I could find enough to say about the subject to keep a blog going. I'd keep this current blog for faith and family posts. And I'd begin a brand new blog about writing. But my question is this. Would people necessarily want to read two blogs by me?

I know some of you have been keeping two blogs successfully for months, even years. What I want to ask my multiple blogging friends is this? Do you feel keeping two blogs is worth the effort? Do you get traffic to each of them? And if I started a new blog on writing, would you visit it? Will be interested to see what you have to say.

I can think of few friends who each keep two very different themed blogs


  1. First, yes! I would visit both your blogs.

    Second, I keep three, but one is just for my homeschool group news, it has nothing personal it is strictly homeschool business. Then there's my personal blog which is a hodgepodge of every thing under the sun! Compassion, homeschooling, faith, fitness, yoga, politics, you name it!! I tend to get a lot of traffic there.

    I had decided to make another just for recipes. I don't get half as much traffic there, and it is completly a different group of readers, very few read both.

    I think it's worth it, but I will be honest and say it is hard to keep up with both and give both equal attention. My cooking blog goes quite neglected these days. I have 200 some odd posts on my personal blog and 40 something on the cooking....

    I think you should do it though, you would probaly have many of your current readers visit both, plus gain a whole new readership for the new one! You are quite talented and we would all love to see more of you and learn what you have to teach!

  2. I would definitely visit your second blog on writing.

    I only keep the two blogs to dual- post, so I'm probably not the right person to answer your question.

    I do tend to put more on my blogger account, but that is mainly because I find it more user-friendly. I guess my HSB blog could be considered specialized since I mainly post the comics there.

    I can tell you why I don't do more than one. I feel that using tags to divide up my different types of posts is more effective. It would slow down the amount of posts I do each week if I specialized. I've noticed that blogs that aren't updated regularly lose readers because people start forgetting to check.

    On the other hand, I know you have written some wonderful pieces on the writing process, so you might end up with a whole new audience for your second blog.

    Peace and Laughter,

  3. This si why I keep two blogs, one for life and thee other for cooking. Works out terribly well for me.

  4. As I woman with 6 different blogs I can say that it is more work but totally worth it! I love doing them all. I don't get much traffic on most of them, but I really enjoy dong them all! Oh, and then there's Facebook... :o)

  5. Two blogs would be impossible for me, as I can barely keep up with one. Mine is definately hodge-podge, but it is what's pressing on my mind...which is always hodgepodge! :)

    I know my daughter would totally appreciate a writers' blog to encourage her!

    Enjoy your week.

  6. Every night, when I sit down for dinner, and look diagonally at my son, Alec, I can't help but notice one of our bookshelves behind him. And there is your book, "The Risky Way Home" by PAULA VINCE. Just thought I'd let you know that you are thought of each evening!

    Yes, I have two blogs. I keep one on HSB for homeschool stuff, primarily, and the other on here for anything else. But, often, I dual post if I feel like it or if I have a prayer need or whatever. Sometimes it feels like I have a different personality on each blog, for some reason. They are both me. Anyway, I don't find it more work as I probably blog about as much as when I had one. However, for you, I think a specific "writer's" blog would be a worthwhile. It is a major part of your life and I am sure you have a lot to share that would be helpful to other writers. I know I'd read it!

    Whatever you decide, I'll be here!
    Have a great week!

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