Wednesday, April 22, 2009

17 Again

Last night Emma and I took a break from all the boys and went to see this movie. It got the thumbs up from both of us. I like the relaxing, heart-warming sort of movie that you can just enjoy without getting bogged down with heavy, depressing themes. And predictability is one of my favourite things sometimes. Of course we all know that by the end of his turning-back-time experience, our hero, Mike O'Donnell, will reconcile his differences with his wife. I found it very amusing to imagine that Matthew Perry ever looked like Zac Effron. We're big fans of both.

I'm highlighting this movie on my blog because I think it's a good choice for homeschoolers. It certainly cures me of any wild thoughts of ever sending my children to High School. One of Logan's archery friends who attends our local High School told him it's a 'hole from the pit of hell.' Whoa, the school in this movie, Hayden High I think it was, probably leaves Mount Barker High for dead. So in the first place, it reinforces our decision to keep our kids out of that pit!

There's a great scene when Mike (in his 17yo old body with his 37yo dad outlook) ticks off his Health class when the teacher distributes condoms to each member of the class. The bully grabs a handful, sneers at Mike and says, "I'll bet he doesn't even need one!" And Mike jumps out of his seat and declares, "You're right, I don't need one! Do you know why? I'm not in love!" And he goes on with his spiel to say that, in his opinion, they shouldn't even be used outside of marriage. It's a great, stirring speech that makes you want to cheer him on.

Without being a plot spoiler, I like how he comes to realise what is really important to him. A common theme but still a good one. I have to admit to a few smiles when he turns 37 again, declares his undying love for his wife and regrets his folly of not appreciating her more. Being a "Friends" fan, it seemed like a real Chandler Bing moment and seemed a bit weird not to see Monica walk in. But I won't hesitate to borrow that movie when it comes out on DVD and that's probably my highest recommendation.

It also made me imagine how I'd behave if I turned 17 again. It was 1987. I remember that year as one of the hardest of my life. I was doing my last year at High School, dreading the possibility of getting fat or not getting into university. Like Mike O'Donnell, I think if I had the chance I'd attempt to change my 17y0 experience by not being a perfectionistic, anorexic little stick insect. I'd know that even if I'd never busted myself to get into Uni, I'd no doubt be doing the exact same thing right now. I think this movie probably does show those of us who are parents and nudging 40 that during all those hectic years, we actually have gained a bit of wisdom. They were certainly not wasted years. And to walk out of the cinema with that knowledge is more than I'd expected.


  1. It does sound like a good movie. Most likely will have to wait for video, but we'll watch it for sure.

    You know how many times I've wished I could go back in time, with the wisdom I have now? Don't we all? If only....

  2. I don't know if I would go back if I could. I'd love to say that I'd go and change some major sin into love and obedience, but I was such a coward to peers and longed to be popular that I would fear falling back into that type of thinking. Life is hard; I'm thankful we get to move on and that God forgives us through Christ.

    Oh, and the photo couldn't really capture the feeling I had because I was surrounded that morning by that gorgeous, surreal landscape. ...truly amazing.

  3. I'm turning 37 this year. I really had no desire to see this movie but now I may have to rent it when it comes to the Red Box.