Friday, January 30, 2009

Under the Heat

It's inevitable that we're bound to get a few of these. I'm talking about summer heatwaves. It's definitely not my favourite season but there's nothing we can do but grin and bear it. Most people around are bearing it without grinning because it's just far too hot. Here's a picture of what I mean.

I go out to hang washing after darkness has fallen because it's too blistering hot during the day. First thing in the morning, it's bound to be bone dry enough to bring in.
We all have to stay up late because it's too hot and sticky to fall asleep quickly. Blake usually nods off in the loungeroom by the fan and we carry him to lie on top of his bed with no shirt. I try to sleep covered by cool, wet towels or I'd have no chance of getting any sleep at all. A few nights ago we had the hottest Adelaide night on record: the mercury sank no lower than 33dgC. And during the day it hovers around 45 (which we worked out to be about 113F)
We're drinking gallons of water and sucking ice cubes all the time. And nothing beats watermelon straight from the fridge for dessert.
We duck in for 20 second showers just to get cool. Andrew even leaves his T-shirt on, so he can wear it sopping wet around the place as he works. But we've all got used to perspiring again pretty quickly. Logan says the coldness of winter is easier to deal with than the heat of summer and I think he's right.
My new Wii Fit balance board, which was obviously manufactured in the Northern Hemisphere, tells me not to eat too much in this cooler season and he gets worried about his gaskets freezing. I've just got to laugh and tell him he knows nothing about Adelaide in late January through February.
I'm over it, but the weather people tell us that there's no sign of a cool change for as far as they can see. Still, I have to say if we didn't get our annual dose of this sort of savage heat, I probably wouldn't appreciate the mildness of autumn as much as I do when it arrives.

On Australia Day last Monday, before this heatwave really kicked in, we went to my sister's place for a BBQ with some cousins. We had sausages, steaks and meat patties with lamingtons on the table with the other sweets. That's probably a good, patriotic way to celebrate the public holiday. It's a sunburnt country as the song says, but I guess we gotta love it. There's a song, The Great Southland, written by Hillsong which we used to sing just about every Sunday in church a few years back, so I'll finish off with it in honour of the occasion. The lyrics are pretty good.

This is our nation, this is our land
This is our future, this is our hope
A land of reaping, a land of harvest
This is our land, this is our home.

This is the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit
A land of red dust plains and summer rains
To this sunburnt land we will see a flood
And to this Great Southland, His Spirit comes.

This is our nation, this is our land
This land of plenty, this land of hope
The richest harvest is in her peoples
We see revival, His Spirit comes.

This is our nation, this is our land
This lucky country of dreams gone dry
And to these people, we see a harvest
And to this land, revival comes.


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  2. I admit I had to use a conversion chart to find out your temperature in Farenheit degrees. It sounds like the summer I lived in Connecticut (a Northeastern state), and we had a terrible heatwave and no air conditioning. Colorado is not so bad, but the Southern states can get over 40ddC, so indoor air conditioning is a must-have.

    It's not too cold here lately, but I've seen - for the first time in my life - the thermometer drop to negative 25ddC. And from what I'm hearing, it gets REALLY cold in March and April. This Southern girl is going to have to bundle up quite a bit, as I actually prefer the heat!

  3. Maybe you should take another trip to the Gold mines. They sounded cool and comfortable.

    You can take my cold air. It's been bitter this winter. I've had so much trouble getting Sierra to keep her gloves on and now her hands are raw and chapped from the cold.

    Funny about your Wii! Do you set the date on it? Maybe you could give the opposite month so that it gives you better suggestions!

    Peace and Laughter!

  4. RYC: (I answered your question on my blog, but I figured I would tell you here too and save you a trip!)
    There are pictures of my instructor on the link in the Winter Burnout article. The poser on my blog is none other than Marina!
    But since I learn a lot from her, as well, it seems appropriate to call her my teacher! :o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  5. I sympathise with you. We are finally having a cool break after the cyclone that went through up north the other day. Before that we were up over 32 for about 3 weeks, hitting 44 once. I heard about your 33 over night and was amazed. The poor people in Melbourne at the tennis and the fires over there!
    I think our cooler weather will be over there soon as we are heating up (of course, school starts Monday!).
    Enjoy your Wii - I've heard a lot of good about them. Didn't realise that they "talk" to you though!!!

  6. I am sorry it is so hot. It would be that hot when we lived in AZ. It was really a shock for us. I hope it cools off soon.

    How do you like your WiiFit? I love ours! It is the first success I have ever had in exercising! I ran a 12 minute Island Lap last week and was so excited that I didn't die! LOL

  7. I am SO sorry you are dealing with such heat! I almost feel apologetic since it's been around 47 degrees during the day and 37 at night here lately (Todd could tell you what that is in Celsius but I can't, sorry!) I will pray for a break in the weather. Even when I lived in the desert in California with my mom for a short time, it never got that hot.

    What's a lamington? I think I've heard that word before but the meaning escapes me.

    Wish I could send some Northwest weather your way. Take care!