Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Greatness in the small details

I've finished my latest M/S, "A Design of Gold" which is a sequel to a couple of my other books. This time, I thought I'd honor some great thinkers by including a small quote as a header for each chapter in my book. I've never done that before and I thought it'd give this new book something special to separate it from the others. I got as far as sitting there with pen and paper and copying a quote for each of the 24 chapters. As "A Design of Gold" is about finding significance in small details, that was the theme of most of the quotes. But my husband came home and reminded me that if we were to do this, we'd have to obey copyright laws by chasing up the original sources of the quotes and very probably paying for permission to use them. So I'm afraid that was the end of that. We're pretty financially pressed each time we publish a new book as it is, without this extra cost. It was still fun to do, so instead of wasting all these quotes, I thought I'd put them on my blog. So keep an eye on my quotes section in the toolbar.


  1. That's a very good idea!! I can't wait to read them. I'm sorry you can't put them in your book - but still very glad that we'll be able to glean from your hard work.

  2. The Murray quote is so right, almost convicting in and of itself!

    Let us know when your other blog about writing is up and daughter Katy can't wait!!

    And enjoy the heat and sunshine for us... ;)

  3. PS Do you mind if I add a link to your blog from mine?

  4. Well done for having integrity and not using the quotes without copyright.

    I agree with the Andrew Murray quote, I think that is where the good fight is fought.

  5. I am a quote junkie! I love them! I have journals full of them! Maybe I will have to start posting some of my favorites on my blog, too.

    I loved them all, but I loved the Andrew Murray one the best! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  6. I'm so glad to hear you've finished this manuscript because it means I can read it sooner! I have to tell you, Paula, that I've been living with the characters of "The Risky Way Home" for a couple of weeks now! I want to live there in the Adelaide Hills in the country where it's quiet - even though I do live on a hill that is relatively quiet! I just finished re-reading your book today and I'm bummed that's it's over (again). Keep us updated on the publishing process for your latest - hope it goes smoothly.


    P.S. I hope the computer issues have resolved. And I'm so glad to have been an encouragement to you - you've certainly been a great encouragement to me! And - don't faint - Chad has started his letter to Logan! Tell Logan he's being thought of!

  7. I read a wonderful quote this evening and thought of you and my daughter.

    "I profess to be one of those who, by profiting, write, and by writing, profit."
    ~Augustine, Epist.7

    Isn't it great?!? Have a wonderful day!