Thursday, August 30, 2007

Femme Philosopher's Club

There's been a recent addition to my tool bar. I was given this honour by my friend Cristina, who was the brainchild behind this great award. In a nutshell, as Femme Philosophers, we can use our blogs as soapboxes for exploring our passions for absolutely anything. Education, politics, philosophy, religion, all the d&ms that we can think of, the sky is the limit! I love this idea. In my opinion, being able to use our gifts for words to make a positive influence in people's lives is exactly what blogging is all about. And we're lucky enough to live in a day and age when we have the whole www. at our fingertips to impact.

Here are the rules. Choose a button from JugglingPaynes. If you are awarded the Femme Philosopher, you are able to stick a Femme Philosopher button on your blog. Copy these rules on your post so others will know what it's about.
Now you are free to give the award to others. Along with blogs that you agree with, please look for blogs that are not necessarily your views, but rather ideas that stir thought and allow for respectful discussion in their comments. (It's not necessary for the Femme Philosophers to be femme. It was named for the femmes who started it.) So use it as often as you like or not at all.

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