Friday, August 17, 2007

Country Photos

Last Monday, we took Blake to have a professional photo with a photographer friend of ours. He'd taken photos of Logan and Emma at the same age and this was Blake's turn. We were keeping up the family tradition. My husband took us to his workshed, which is about a twenty minute drive from our place. There are lots of possible pretty rustic spots for photos and we tried many, both inside and outside of the shed. Here is Blake inside his Dad's workshed, trying to be set up for a good photo. Needless to say, this isn't one of the professional shots. I snapped it with my little digital camera.

We thought this wall might make a nice, rugged background. But this isn't Blake. It's Logan.

This is the side of Andrew's workshed you see from the road. It's a wonderful old property owned by a second cousin of his (his mother's cousin) who is willing to let Andrew share working space with him. Andrew has been really blessed by this arrangement. Brian, his cousin, has been studying and not around much anyway, so Andrew has this all to himself most of the time.

Here it is from another angle. That's the usual working entrance they use.

The other side of the road from the workshed. I took a few nice early spring shots. Although it's still winter, the weather has been more like early spring.

Here's Emma in front of an old sheep shearing enclosure. We took a bit of a walk down the road while the boys were still in the shed.

Here's the whole gang, just in case we decide to go for an extra photo with all of them in it. I accidentally got a bit of our photographer friend's silver deflector thing in this one.

This old tractor has been there for so long, a gum tree has grown right through the metal. It's right at the back of the property, with a gurgling creek right behind it. Although our drought still hasn't completely broken, this winter has been wetter than last and it's good to have some water.
We'll probably get to see the official photos in a few weeks. Now that we're even more familiar with the workshed than we were before, because we covered a lot of ground on our quest for photos, I can see that Andrew couldn't have hoped for a more peaceful and pleasant work environment. He says that sometimes the old shed gets pretty cold in winter, and he has yet to experience a sizzling hot summer day, but I'd imagine the shed would stay fairly cool for awhile.


  1. Those photos are great Paula! It so good to see everyone in such a beautiful setting.

  2. I love these candid shots! That one with the deflector could easily be cropped into a nice little group photo to send with your Christmas cards.
    I still have trouble thinking about our opposite seasons. You say early spring weather and all I'm thinking about is this sweltering sticky night we're having in late summer!
    Glad you enjoyed learning about skunks. I hope my cat learned a lesson, too.

    Peace and Laughter,

  3. when you said early spring shots, I was thrown for a minute. Then I remembered, 'oh yeah, they're the OPPOSITE of us'. Hey, I was up late working last night. These things have to sink in.

    Very cute pics!

  4. Thank you for sharing a bit of your homeland! Now I have TWO pressing trips I want to take now. One to New York to visit Christina and one to visit you all in your beautiful world! Alas, the best I can hope for anytime soon, is the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina when we go finish packing up Grandma's house.

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. What a great place! It looks like a fun place to run around and explore. Just the kind of place my boys love! You got some really nice pics too.

  6. Cute photos of the kids! And what a great place for your husband to work. My husband was checking out the woodworking tools, of course! It's lovely! Thanks for sharing some of your beautiful country with us.