Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A several thousand kilometre mistake

Today a parcel of books arrived, that we ordered online. It took about four weeks to arrive, but we'd expected it by the end of that week. What happened was, my dh discovered a book selling site whose postcode was WA. Assuming they were based in our state of Western Australia, he sent our order. Then a couple of days later, he remarked, "Those books from Perth are taking awhile to get here." You see, Perth's their capital, and it should take only two days for parcels to arrive here. After another week, I asked him to go online and check the status of our order. Only then, after re-visiting the book sellers, did we realise that the WA they are based in is actually Washington! Although we felt a bit silly, it certainly explained the time delay and we could rest easy. So the books are finally here. It included "Heidi's Children" and a box set of some of the "Ramona" series by Beverly Cleary.

I think the job of postal worker who delivers the large parcels to people's houses is probably up there among the top ten "Feel Good" jobs. You'd be pretty sure that a visit from you would be certain to bring smiles to people's faces.


  1. That certainly a long way for those books to travel! Was shipping terribly expensive?

  2. Whoops!
    I have the same question as Kathleen, wasn't the shipping expensive?

    Peace and Laughter,

  3. What I find amusing is that if I ordered books from Washington state, it would take more than 2 days to get here - and I live right across the river from Washington! Sounds like Australia has a better delivery system than we do (I'm not surprised.) Our mortage used to go to a bank in Seattle and it took forever for our check to arrive - I used to say it went by pony and trap. Anyway, I'm glad the books made it half-way around the world in good shape and I hope you enjoy reading them!


  4. You should have just e-mailed me and I could have picked them up for you and flown them out to you. It may have saved you time, but probably not money. :o)