Sunday, July 22, 2007

The day we met Thomas the Tank Engine

Here's Thomas! We had a ride on him.

As a school holiday outing last week, we visited Port Adelaide Railway Museum where there were many activities planned with a Thomas the Tank Engine theme. We thought Blake would thoroughly enjoy himself. Although I think he did enjoy himself, like all 3-year-olds, he lost the plot a few times. For example, we took a ride on Thomas, pictured above. We were several carriages behind the engine, and Blake sat for the duration of the ride with a serene expression on his face. Later, when we mentioned how we rode on Thomas, he piped up, "No, we didn't!" And he wouldn't hear any different. "Our train wasn't Thomas. Our train was yellow!" I realised that as the carriage we were sitting in was yellow, and Thomas himself was way ahead of us, Blake didn't notice that it was actually Thomas pulling our train. It's pretty funny really. You take a little boy way across to city to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine, and he doesn't even realise he did so.

There were also activities in an auditorium. The children were given all sorts of polish rags and asked to polish the trains. At the end, the presenters said they'd call up "the best" boy and girl polishers to receive prizes. It reminded me of school situations. There were many, many little toddlers all polishing with all their might, and I felt a bit sad to see that the majority of them were not called up for the honor. Of course they can't choose everyone, but I've never been a big fan of children being singled out for "prizes". I remember how disappointed I used to feel when I was young and missed out after trying hard. The younger the child, the more they don't understand that this sort of situation is fairly random, anyway. I remember complaining to my parents, "I was going just as good/fast/hard as the person who won!"
Anyway, quite accidentally, we concerned "The Fat Controller" and got this photo of Blake with him. Emma bought a huge stick of pink fairy floss. And we explored the rest of the museum, including some carriages set up from all the decades of South Australia's past, which was more suitable for Logan's age, although he was very patient when we did the Thomas activities with Blake. I always think a drive down to historical Port Adelaide is well worth the trip. It was a fun day.

However, although Blake did have an interesting time, I'm pleased to say, he normally has just as good a time around our own district. Here he is in a street a little way from ours which has all these wild jonquils growing. He loves flowers. Perhaps one day he'll be a gardener or horticulturalist.


  1. My boys both loved Thomas! We have so much train stuff in their closet! They no libger play with it but I'd feel awful getting rid of it. Too bad you're so far away, I'm sure Blake would give it a loving home.

  2. Sounds like an interesting day all around. Trains are always fun for most kids. It's a bummer when little ones don't understand, though - I've been there a time or two! All my kids have enjoyed Thomas and his friends for years. The boys still build a track and tell stories every now and then. Carmen has her own set of track, courtesy of her late grandfather. I'm planning to save Thomas stuff for their own kids someday. We have some Thomas Train storybooks but the kids' favorite is the original story book that has all the old stories and illustrations.

    I know what you mean about the prize issue. There are some times when this is appropriate, like a bike race or something but how do you judge who "polished" the best? Unfair!

    I have to ask: What is pink fairy floss? Is that like our cotton candy? It's fun to learn other countries' names for different things.

    I'm glad you had a fun day with your kids. Chad is working on his letter for Logan but he's been distracted lately with his birthday coming this Wed. Sorry it's taking so long - tell Logan we're thinking of him! I'm bummed because Todd is having a minor medical procedure on the morning of Chad's birthday. We have to take Todd there and drive him home. The hospital he'll be at is in a beach town about 17 miles south so I think I'll take the kids to the tiny aquarium that's there while we are waiting
    for him. Not exactly the way I wanted Chad's birthday but we'll make the best of it! Can't believe my firstborn will be 12!! That means I've aged 12 year since then - how can that be? Have a terrific week!


  3. I feel sort of sad that we haven't seen Thomas in YEARS! No one at our house would even want to go anymore. :o(

    I have taken our boys on a few field trips, especially when they were younger, that I felt like they would have had more fun playing in the backyard. But I had fun, so I suppose it wasn't a total loss. :o)


  4. Oh, yes, What is Pink Fairy Floss?
    Thomas looks like fun - and I just got such a chuckle out of your son's opinion that it was not Thomas. They can be so logical!!

    I do feel for kids, too, when they work hard and don't get prizes. I know they have to learn that not everyone wins...but sometimes, it's just not worth the lesson..

    My boys both like Thomas. It took Mini-Me a while to warm up to the whole thing, as trains seemed like boys toys. But then there was Emily, and Lady and ... there was another...I forget.

    I hope you have a most excellent day!

  5. Paula - I just got your 2nd comment over on HSB - What a nice thing to do for Chad for his birthday! I'll definitely make sure he sees it. Thanks again! He'll be surprised, for sure.

    Oh, about your first comment - you know that Todd would move to Australia in a heartbeat! I really would love to, also, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. Don't want to leave my mom. We'd need to visit before we make such a big move. We will see!


  6. Fairy Floss is a much more "romantic" name than cotton candy!

    Too cool!!


  7. PenPal - YES!!
    I sent you an e-mail..did you get it?

    Mini-Me is beside herself with anticipation!!