Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mosquito Ring Tones

My son told me about this one. He saw a story on the news. It seems a number of school students have downloaded ring tones on their mobiles that sound like annoying mosquito drones but the frequency is such that nobody under the age of 30 can hear them. That way they manage to text messages to each other in class without the teachers hearing, although all of the students can.

We had to look this phenomena up on internet to put it to the test. Visit and check it out for yourselves. They have a range of mosquito drones starting from one that everyone can hear all the way down to one that you can hear only if you are 18 years old or under.

Of course I could hear the one that everyone can hear. I could clearly hear the one that people under 50 can hear but by the time it got down to the one that only people under 39 can hear, it was so extremely faint as to be almost inaudible. And Logan expressed his amazement that I couldn't hear it because to him it was identical to the one that 50 year olds can hear. Of course by the time it got down to the ones that only people under 24 and teens could hear, I could hear absolutely nothing! Amazing.

Logan tells me a fellow on the news tested them out and when he couldn't hear them, he thought it was all a big hoax, but a young visitor in the next room called out, "Can you stop making that awful racket!" And it seems most school students choose the tones for under 30s for their classtime text-messaging.


  1. Doesn't it make you terribly sad that your son is missing out on text-messaging his friends in class? Just kidding, of course. Is that all they have to do all day?

    I think I've heard of this misquito thing and it makes sense. Our hearing does diminish with time, even for those of us who didn't attend a lot of rock concerts in our wasted youth.

    I've taken to rationing my Ginger Bears because I'm running out. I hide them so Chad won't keep asking for one (bad Mom!) We're considering ordering a case from the buderim-ginger website. It doesn't cost that much and I think I need them more than I care to admit. Look what you've done! Just kidding! Really, thank you for introducing us to a delicious candy that is actually beneficial!

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Correction: That would be "mosquito" not "misquito".



  3. That whole texting in school really makes me so frustrated. A friend just told us his neice got a job offer that she turned down but they are begging her to take it because she was the only applicant who didn't use "text language" on her application and resume. And we wonder why our kids are better educated when they graduate?

    I think we are going to check that out in the morning. I want to know how old my ears really are. :o)