Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday Week

Emma is now 9 years old. Instead of cramming everything she wanted to do into one day, which wouldn't have been possible anyway, we ended up having a birthday week. Here are some of her highlights.
* We gave her a Nintendo DS, which she really wanted, and a couple of games to start her off.
* Other relatives gave her money, which she has only just finished spending. She bought a few more DS games, a new beanie kid bear, a book and a paint your own mug kit, so it stretched a long way.
* We dropped the boys off with my parents and took Emma and her friend Hannah to a waterslide complex in the city.
* We took Emma, Logan and Blake to Fasta Pasta for dinner to celebrate her birthday.
Those 9 years have passed very fast.


  1. Well Happy Birthday Emma! Harrison has just turned 9 as well and also recieved a Nintendo DS. Must be the age for it :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Emma! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday week!

    Peace and Laughter,

    P.S.-Paula, I gave you an award on my Homeschoolblogger blog. You can go there to pick it up.

  3. Happy Birthday to Emma! Wow! A whole week - what a lucky girl! Sounds like she had a great time. Yes, 9 years does go by quickly. When I look how tall my 9 year old is, I am amazed.

    I appreciated your last post on Buddhism. Interesting thoughts. I know there are some aspects of the religion that appeal to me and could easily be a part of my life. Don't worry - I'm totally a believer in Jesus, nothing will ever change that! I just like the peaceful parts of this religion that I've read about. Not the founder. I don't think I've ever heard of a militant Buddhist. I wasn't aware of this. Why does religion have to fuel so much disturbance in this world? It's always been that way, and probably always will be. Yes, I think about things like this and it sounds like you do, too.

    I had to laugh when I read what you said about Logan and talk of the letter but no action - happens here, too! Gotta sit those boys down for results, I guess! But just try, right? LOL!


  4. Happy Birthday Emma! Being 9 is so much fun! Enjoy your new Nintendo.

    Paula, I agree about the snow for Christmas. But we will not be having a white Christmas here. We NEVER do. Although we probably have a better chance here than you do. :o)

    I do miss Christmas in Minnesota, where it's always a white Christmas. On the other hand, we lived in Arizona where the boys ran in the sprinklers after our church Christmas party.

    I have to ask this... Do your Christmas cards and such have snowy scenes on them with Christmas being in the summer there? I was wondering about that and thought you would be just the right one to ask.

    Oh, and we have that game show on too. Although I've never seen it, my parents like it. In fact, my mom got us that same game for Christmas. Well, I guess we're not getting it anymore. Ooops!

  5. 9 Definitely goes by fast.
    What an adorable photo of a birthday!!

    Happy Birthday, Emma! Enjoy being 9!!

  6. PS - Emma, Nintendo DS's do not float. Just so you know. *LOL*