Thursday, March 24, 2011

My heart for "Best Forgotten"

"Best Forgotten" is my brand new fiction title. I've loved the challenge of writing every single one of my novels but in this one, I've tried to weave together elements of mystery, suspense and redemption in a way I've never done before.

A young accident victim wakes up in hospital and can't remember who he is. He finds that not only does he have nothing in common with his family but he develops an aversion to the person he used to be. He just can't understand or relate to the way he used to behave or the choices he made. The more he learns about himself, the more puzzled and upset he feels.

He finds out that his best friend had disappeared without a trace on the night of his own accident. The more he tries to investigate, the more likely it appears that he was involved in something really shady. And he's terrified that something bad is after him. So he's torn between wanting to find out and being terrified that he'll have to face horrible consequences when he does.

When you, readers, find out the mystery, hopefully you'll let out a dramatic gasp and cry out, "Oh wow, I never saw that one coming!" That was my intention, anyway :)

As a theme, I've been fascinated for a long time by the relationship between our thinking patterns and what we make of our lives. How much is a person's personality shaped by their sum of experiences? To what extent do the thoughts we choose make us into the people we are? Do the small, apparently random choices we make during our daily lives have the impact to come back when least expected and influence the rest of our lives?

I love it when a work of fiction not only entertains readers but changes us at the core too, by getting us to think about how what we've read within the pages may also have bearing on our own lives and apply to us. These are the stories we like to remember, lend to others and call really special. It's a quest I've tried to take seriously. Novelists have the responsibility to readers to offer the very best and that's what I hope I've achieved.

When you visit your local Koorong store, please remember to pick up "Best Forgotten" (I couldn't resist the chance to work in this pun.) It is also available from other good regional Christian bookstores. Please remember "Best Forgotten" when you're wondering what present to give a book-loving friend. Its plot and theme should be of wide general appeal. If you've ever read and enjoyed any of my books before, I'm appealing to you to get hold of a copy of this, because readers have a responsibility toward authors too. If Koorong don't make good sales, they will not buy any of my future titles :( That would make me very sad because I'd have to stop writing :( Hopefully it would make some of you sad too. But I won't worry about that happening because I trust people will remember "Best Forgotten" and my other titles too.

For Aussie and international readers alike, the book is also available directly from my website, and also from


  1. 'Best Forgotten' truly is an awesome read Paula. Since meeting you I know longer just 'read' a book to enjoy it. I now imagine myself writing it and I love looking at how you have woven the many couloured threads together to create a fiction flying carpet. I can tell you put your heart into this one. And I really felt for Courteney. I didn't want him to get his memory back! However if he hadn't we would never have found out what really happened.
    Our lives are so much like this. I used to wish that I coud have changed all of the things I had done before Jesus saved me. Now he has brought me to know that all of those things from my past brought me to where I am - in His arms.
    Sorry for the ramble.
    Nicole :)

  2. I just bought a copy last week Paula, and have just been finishing off another book (finished two nights ago!). After reading this post I will be picking up "Best Forgotten" tonight and begin reading. Looking forward to it! :)

  3. All the best with it and pray it will not be forgotten

  4. Thanks everyone.
    I love your thoughts, Nicole. I think basically many of us are just the same. I sometimes wish I could go back to years gone by and have another crack in retrospect, but you're right, we do learn from muddling our way through and probably wouldn't have ended up in the same place at all. It's all pretty complex really.
    Amanda, I'm glad you've already bought a copy and really hope you enjoy it :D

  5. Wow, Paula! This sounds riveting! It sounds like it might be time to get on :)

    Katy is busy editing her book, and she informed me that she needs to hurry because she has the plot of her next one already in mind. Is this how it works? I get tired just thinking about it!

    God bless!

  6. Sounds like a great book. All the very best with it :)

  7. What terrific news! Looking forward to reading it! I'm really happy for you and hope for great sales on this one. I do know just how much work you put into your writing - it shows. We definitely do not wish for you to stop writing!
    - Kate