Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bells and Cuckoo Clocks

I've been mulling over an idea for a new novel. It's another contemporary drama/romance because I love those the best. I always begin my musings with a range of characters who appeal to me, and then I build a plot around them until I feel it's just right. (I know there are others who do it the opposite way; that is they come up with a catchy plot and then build the characters around it, but that's the subject of another post.)

For three or four weeks I've been trying to figure it all out inside my head and two nights ago it all came together. I now have a plot and characters intact, so the writing will soon begin. Having written seven other books already, here are a few tips I've learned about the creation process. I almost let myself fall into my old bad habits but pulled myself out of the trap.

1) Making a block of time to "nut it all out" doesn't work.
I've tried that often and I'm pleased to say I've finally learned my lesson. I would grit my teeth and think, I'm going to take my notebook, park in a quiet spot without distraction and won't come back until I have it all figured out or I'm the biggest dodo of all time! But it doesn't work that way. Creative people from long ago might have said that their Muse refused to be bossed around. I think they had a point. The nature of the imagination is such that you can't pin it down and demand that it come through for you. It just starts getting nervous and won't give you anything but nonsense.

At this stage, you could easily make the mistake of giving up with the belief that you'll never be able to figure it out. Don't do that!

2) Trust that no time has been wasted.
I mull over the story concept while I'm driving, washing dishes or walking. I come up with some little ideas which I think might work. Then I put aside time to jot them into my notebook so I won't forget them, just in case I may find them useful. This alone may take a bit of time. In the past I've found myself ending the day with a sigh, saying, "This is never going to work! I've just wasted time and I'll never have those hours back again."

In actual fact, those hours are not wasted at all. It may look like nothing much has been done, but that's an illusion, my friends! Those rough jottings and daydreams are worth more than we often give them credit for. I've found so often that even ideas I've decided to scrap have been stepping stones on the way to the ones I've kept.

My mind may appear something like this. I could have it so those two boys are swept off the coast while fishing.... somewhere like the Yorke Peninsula coast, or maybe Granite Island at Victor Harbor... then I could have it that they're picked up by a fishing boat..... Naw, I don't think I'll go with the sea idea because I want the heroine to rescue them and she wouldn't have access to a boat.... How about they get lost in the bush?.... No, not dramatic enough... they have to be really helpless and it needs to be clear that they are at the end of their own resources.... a hole in the ground.... yeah, I think that might work. An old mine shaft that nobody had discovered before!

Just for your interest, the result of all that musing above was "A Design of Gold." And don't get fooled into thinking it was easy by the few moments it might have taken to read that paragraph; it took hours, days and weeks to figure it all out.

3) When it all comes together, you may recognize it as a chime of triumph in your spirit.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. I think the human spirit is wired so that you know instinctively when you've got it right! Getting my plots and characters all sorted out reminds me of trying to remember something I've temporarily forgotten.

For example, can you relate to trying to recall somebody's name and you're mulling different possibilities around in your head. I think it's John, no it's Jonathan, no, that's not it either, it's Jay... James... Jordan.... (At this point the bell chimes loudly) Yes, Jordan! That's it!

It's similar when I'm trying to figure out a plot for my new stories. When they are not quite right yet, it seems as if my brain doesn't quite recognize them. Then when I finally strike the right one, that bell chimes! Or imagine the ornate hand of a beautiful old cuckoo clock doing it's final stroke up to the twelve, and the bird pops out and sings. It's a great feeling and one of my favourite aspects of the early stage of writing. "I've got this excellent story and it's going to work. At the moment it's enclosed completely within my own head but one day others are going to read it too, love the characters, share the suspense and share just what I'm feeling now! Who knows where the impact may end!"

Writing a novel is not an easy thing but so worth it.


  1. Great post.. I love reading about how others collect their thoughts and stories... very interesting

  2. Thanks for the insight into your writing world! You are right. I relate a lot. I do lots and lots of daydreaming, and when it comes to actual writing it then comes very quickly, because I've already seen it all in my head.
    When it comes to beginning with plot or character, I was thinking about this the other day. I seem to begin with an unsaved character and wonder what it will take to get him/her saved - then the plot starts to form around that and other characters in their world come to life.
    I love you analogy of trying to remember a name. :)
    All the best with the new idea!!! XXOO

  3. I know that process! I've used it for figuring out my comics for the week! First comes that hair tearing while I try to convince my muse to show up before it's ready. Then comes the idea, which I jot down. Then I figure out one strip and while I'm sketching it out more ideas flood me so that I can write up the others and sketch them. I always thought this was my fault I couldn't get more than a week done at a time. I've always imagined getting a few weeks ahead of myself with my comics, but my muse won't allow me to work that fast. :o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  4. This was really interesting! I love hearing someone's "process" and the way things fall into place. A LOT of thinking, for sure! I recognized your Design of Gold paragraph before you identified it - do I get points for that??! Sorry you couldn't access my blog but it was good to see your comment. We've been keeping up on the news of the flooding, been praying for those affected. So tragic. Makes me think of you a lot! Glad you are not in harms way. That is so great that you've got another book on the horizon - good for you!! Hope all goes well with it.
    Have a good week - Kate

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