Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Little Boy Shop

Here are a couple of photos I took of Blake and his friend Maggie, when they were posing as Joseph and Mary in a little Christmas play by our church kindy class, The King's Kids. I wasn't sure he'd go along with the plan, being somewhat of a stubborn one and not patient like his brother or anxious to perform like his sister at the same age. But he did agree and the result was sweet. Especially when she sat on a little wooden rocking horse on their journey to Bethlehem, and they ended up with a sweet Baby Jesus doll.
Time is passing. Blake had a pretend friend named "Mr Blooggins" who used to come up in family conversations not all that long ago. Yet when I was putting him to bed a few nights ago, it struck me that Blake had been very quiet on the Mr Blooggins front for quite a long time. I asked Blake what had happened to him, and he got all embarrassed and said, "He's gone away."
Logan and Emma used to have pretend friends with weird names too, and the same thing happened in those cases too. You never realise that a pretend friend has gone for good, until one day you suddenly reflect, "Hey, what's happened?" In this case, it's a little bit sad because Blake's pretend friends are definitely the last pretend friends who'll ever be part of this family.
There are still funny things happening, though. Last night he was arguing with Emma about the proper way to play a game, and it ended with Blake leaving her in a huff. He came to me and said, "I want you to buy another little boy." It dawned on the rest of us that being the youngest, and not being familiar with other pregnant ladies, he was quite serious. So we asked him, "How can we buy another little boy?" After a moment of thought, he said, "We'll go to the little boy shop."
If only it was that easy.


  1. Cute photos! My 9 & 11 year olds are a shepherd and an angel this year on Christmas eve!

    I'd sure like to find a "little girl store" with all of these boys around here! LOL:)

  2. hehehehe! We've never had that issue. I think Sierra enjoys being the youngest. Especially after her experience with me babysitting a two year old last spring!

    The pictures are adorable. Sierra asked if they were in love. I explained that they were pretending to be Mary and Joseph. Now she wants to be an angel in our church's nativity play! Maybe next year. ;o)

    Peace and Laughter!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing those pictures! We had to cancel our Christmas program for tomorrow because of snow! :o(

    Our oldest had a pretend friend bunny that he took everywhere he went. It was kind of sad when he wasn't along anymore.

    Hey if you get a good deal at the "little boy store", let me know. I've been in the market for a long time! LOL

  4. That is so sweet! I am dealing with the same "this is the last one" issues with Carmen. Time does fly. I'm so glad the Christmas play went well. Great memories to store up!

    If I haven't already, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Plus, check your email - if you didn't receive one from me, let me know!

    God bless,

  5. we used to call Babies R Us the baby store. Because we could buy our baby suppplies there... Mini-Me thought that was where we were going to get her siblings. :-) She was disappointed the first time we left with just stuff.