Friday, November 28, 2008

Signs and symbols

Last week when I was walking across the road to our city Christian bookshop with a box of books beneath each arm, a gorgeous white dove strutted right in front of me. And when I'd dropped them off and left, another lady was leaving too and she said, "Look at that, don't you think we could take him as some sort of sign?" And I'd love to think that's true, because I love receiving unexpected little gifts from above like that. The white dove has always been a symbol for the Holy Spirit and for peace. So I'd love to think he was God's way of telling me that everything with the books and my family is going to go fine and I can relax and be at peace about it all. After all, I've been to that store many, many times and never seen a white dove before.

When I got home and mentioned it to my husband, I asked, "Do you think he could have been a sign?" and he replied, "Yeah, a sign that someone's car might get bird poop over it." But knowing him as well as I do, that's the sort of reply I expected from him.

Years ago, in May 1994, I was driving with my sister, her husband and their 2 little boys when I noticed that 3 large, fluffy clouds in the sky were shaped like letters and spelled the word SON as clearly as any writing I'd ever seen. They were all the same size, perfectly white and even and perfectly spaced. I pointed it out to the others and we all oohed and aahed over it. Then, the following morning I discovered that I was pregnant! I'd genuinely had no idea the day before. I had no children at the time but had suffered a couple of early miscarriages, so I was sensitive, frightened about the whole thing. That word in the sky helped me through those dodgy early stages and in February 1995, my first baby was born and he was a son.

I think signs are like this. They don't necessarily occur when you're looking out for them but come out of the blue to spur us on and remind us that we really are inscribed on the palm of God's hand and He hasn't forgotten our circumstances.


  1. How neat that you saw son in the clouds! I believe signs are there, we just have to see them.

  2. LOL! I couldn't help thinking if you saw the sign before your second pregnancy, would the clouds have gone for "daughter" or the simpler "girl?" :o)

    I agree with you. There are signs everywhere, all the time. Remember, I had a white dove visit me last year. I've also had lyrics come on the radio when I'm thinking and praying about something in the car. You do have to watch and listen to recognize them.

    Peace and Laughter!

  3. We never know how God will choose to talk to us through His word.

  4. I think that if you are sensitive to signs, you are more likely to see them. What one person may see as just a cloud or whatever, a more sensitive person may see something more significant.

    May the Lord bless your book and those who read it. Did I tell you we got our book just prior to our Thanksgiving holiday? Thanks! I am looking forward to reading it - life has been too crazy lately but it's there, waiting for me.

    I wrote about seeing your home on Google Earth on my blogspot blog. It was so fun! Your area of the world looks lovely.

    Have a terrific week!