Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Brief Sea Change

When my husband turned 40 back in June, his parents, brother and sisters all put in to give us a couple of nights away at a Bed & Breakfast while they looked after the kids. We were free to take it at any time so we decided to wait until the pleasant weather of early spring. And as Andrew was the birthday boy, he got to choose the location. He decided he'd like to go to a beach-side Bed & Breakfast, so last week-end we dropped the 3 kids off with his parents and set off to Port Elliot, on our South Aussie coast by the Southern Ocean.

It was the first time we've been away by ourselves without at least one of the kids since February 1994, which was a year before Logan, our 13yo was born. We did get to go on a lovely flight and stay in Hobart for 2 nights in 2004 while my sister looked after Logan and Emma, but as Blake was still only 7 months old, he came with us, of course.
We did lots of good, rugged coastal walks along cliffs. I was thinking about the kids and took these photos of danger signs, thinking they'd be amused. Some of the pictures are so descriptive, you really don't need to be literate to get the benefit of them. Maybe it's true that a picture speaks a thousand words.

Why write, "KEEP AWAY FROM THE EDGE OF THE CLIFFS" for example, when this sign does the job so much more effectively?

And then there's this one!
I hate to say I missed a wonderful photo opportunity when we were hiking up the Bluff in Victor Harbor. It was very steep, and I thought, "We already have plenty of good coastal photos so I'll leave the camera in the car." But on the way back down we came across a very bold echidna out in the open. He was quite content to keep grubbing about while we walked within about half a foot of him! Andrew even ventured to reach out and touch his needles, and he curled up quickly into a little ball. Still makes me want to kick myself when I think of how I missed showing the kids and putting a photo of him on this blog.
All I can say is that if I ever come across another nonchalent wild echidna I'll definitely take his photo, but as it's the first time it's ever happened to me, I don't fancy my chances. Oh well, we live and learn.

I got a few other nature photos; mostly sea birds like this shag.

This fellow is a Pacific Gull. He very kindly posed for me.

These are just common coastal seagulls, the type who screech and flock around anyone who they see has any food. In my teens I used to live near one of the beaches of Adelaide and there were always plenty. We don't get any at all up in the Adelaide Hills, so whenever I'm by the coast and see some, it brings back memories of my past. I wondered if they're anything like the American seagulls I read about.

We saw this pet rock. Nothing like getting the shot of the echidna of course, but I still thought it was quite cute. How could anyone resist a request like this. So I obliged....

....and this is what we saw.

Now that we're back, we settled back into normal routine pretty well straight away. It probably takes more than three days and two nights for a proper sea change, but it was a wonderful break from routine just the same. (I wonder if they'll do the same thing when I turn 40).


  1. Lovely photos Paula. I'm glad you two had a chance to get away :-) As for your sea gulls- they are the very same ones we have here, Noisy annoying critters!

  2. Oh, what lovely photos and a great opportunity for you guys. It sounds like it was fun.

    I love the signs..thank you for sharing them..they made me chuckle - but my favorite is that last rock. I actually liked it better than the critter you didn't get a photo of. *L* But I'm easily amused.

  3. These photos are absolutely grand beyond all known belief.

    I love the beach but not the ocean. Does that even make any sense. When I am able to wing a massage from my husband there are just about only 2 styles of music I prefer. The first is Native American music, with the emphasis being on the wood flutes.

    Second is crashing waves. I don't give a rats hiney if it is the same thing over and over and over, it just soothes me to no end.

    Getting away makes you a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and anything else you can think of.

    Nice blog!

  4. I hope they do, too! (Meaning I hope they give you the same gift!)

    How wonderful that you and Andrew had the chance for some couple time. And what a beautiful place! I'm really happy for you!

    Sorry about your missed photo opportunity - I just hate it when that happens! But the story was good, anyway! I enjoyed the photos you posted. Loved that pet rock! Todd liked it, too.

    Ah, spring. I sure wish we were heading into spring instead of cold, wet, wet autumn. It's rained all day and already I'm stir-crazy. I want to fly - away!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I loved the signs! Great photos, hope you had a great time!

    I love your change post below, that Gandhi saying is one of my all time favorites!

  6. They have a whole year to save up!

    I love the rock. I think we're going to make one of those and leave it at the nature center!

    Your talk of the echidna made me think of a great line from "The Lightening Thief." The Greek Echidna, the mother of monsters, identifies herself to the story's hero, Percy and he says, "Isn't that a kind of anteater?"
    She responds, "I hate it when people say that! I hate Australia! Naming that ridiculous animal after me."

    Hehe. Next time, I hope you get a picture!

    Peace and Laughter,

  7. I love the signs! Glad you had a nice time all by yourselves.