Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Haven't meant to spend so long not blogging....

but a few things have happened around our place in early June, not the least of which was Andrew's 40th birthday. He was still 22 when I met him and almost 24 when I married him 16 years ago. I can remember a time when 40 sounded sort of long in the tooth to me but now it just sounds like a person who's been round long enough to earn a lot of experience and some sound common sense. One of the funniest cards he had was a little knight dressed in full shining armour on the front. Inside it said, "Welcome to the Middle Ages!"

I can actually remembered his 30th birthday as if it was a lot less than ten years ago, although when I think about it, a lot has happened in that time. We only had Logan and I was about 4 or 5 months pregnant with Emma. Time is a funny thing. A day can sometimes drag like a year yet a decade can feel like a few months.

Anyway, he didn't want a big party so we organised a dinner out at Fasta Pasta with both his side of the family and mine. That was last Saturday.

Now here's what happened yesterday. I kept an appointment that had been longstanding with a skin specialist down in the city. Because I'm a very fair skinned person with a few freckles on my arms and back, a doctor thought it wise to refer me to be checked by a skin specialist. Fair skin and dark hair that attracts the sun, seems to be a possible recipe for problems. But after a long wait in her waiting room, I was given the all clear and she said I probably don't need to see her for another ten years. So that was the good news.

I searched through my pockets and handbag and couldn't find my keys. Only then did I discover that I'd locked them in my car! I took out my mobile phone but had no credit on it to make a call! So I searched through my purse for coins and only had enough for one at a public phone booth in a nearby shopping mall. I tried to call my parents, who were looking after my two youngest kids. They only live about twenty minutes away from the clinic. But nobody answered so I figured they must've all gone out.

I phoned home instead, where Logan, my oldest son, was having a day to himself. I told him what had happened. "Will you call Dad on his mobile and ask him to give me a call?" Although I had no credit on my phone, at least I could receive calls. Andrew was doing a bit of work not all that far away and I thought I could ask him to quickly drive to that clinic and unlock my door with his spare key. But time lapsed and I got no call from Andrew. I guessed Logan must've had trouble getting through to him.

I began to think I'd been a bit silly not to call the RAA Road Assistance crew to come and rescue me in the first place. That would've been much more sensible than wasting my one possible call on poor old Logan, who wasn't really in a position to help. Now I was stuck with no money left and unable to make more phone calls. So I figured the only option left was to begin the walk back to my Mum and Dad's place. Although it was only a twenty minute drive, it was quite a lot longer walking. After some time trekking across the city, I'd actually made it quite a long way when my phone began buzzing. Andrew had finally got Logan's message. I explained my dilemma and he said, "You should've just called the RAA. It's cheaper for them to come than me, anyway." So much for that! But he phoned my parents, who'd taken Emma and Blake for a walk to the shops, and told them what had happened. Dad drove and picked me up on the last leg of my walk. I had a cup of tea with them and finally phoned the RAA. Then Dad dropped me back to the dermatology clinic to wait for them. Then I decided to just spend the waiting time relaxing and enjoying the fresh air.

What a run-around, but at least it was a reasonably crisp and clear early winter day for a walk. Somebody else helped me put it all in perspective. As I started for the RAA, a lady who'd been in the waiting room way back when I was still there came back out of her appointment at last. I told her what had happened to me and she said she'd mixed up her appointment time and had to wait in the clinic for almost four hours!

So whenever you're having one of those days, I guess somebody else is too.


  1. Poor you! I am so sorry for your rough day! Glad that you have nothing to worry about, though.

    Happy 40th to Andrew. I get to celebrate mine at the end of the year.

    About your comment: You were right about the comics. Lots of personal experience in them. ;o) I feel sorry when my husband takes all the kids out. He hasn't my talent for multi-tasking! Friends is one of my favorite shows. It still gets me laughing!

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. What an ordeal! Good to hear though that you got a clean visit.

    A very happy birthday to Andrew! I think this is the first time you've shown us a picture of your handsome man :-)

  3. time is a funny thing. so true.

    happy b-day to andrew!!

  4. Sometimes we just have days like that. I'm just thankful that God doesn't often give me too many of them in a row. :o)

  5. Nice photo of you and Andrew!

    Hindsight is 20/20, isn't it? It's so easy to say what you should have done, after the fact. But when you are in the midst of a situation, you do the best you can. I totally understand! (Remember my flat tire a few weeks back? I should have called OUR roadside service!)

    I'm glad everything worked out all right. I hate being stranded. It's happened all too many times for me. And I'm also glad the skin doc gave you the o.k. That's good news, for sure!

    Happy Birthday to your husband! Time IS funny - 40 doesn't seem like 5 years ago to me but having dinner out with my inlaws this evening seemed like an eternity. I guess I just wanted to run around instead of sitting there. Why do we have to grow up anyway?!

    I didn't get to comment on your last post - you know I love Laura Ingalls but my husband loves James Herriott and introduced me and the kids to those great stories. We have several of his books and, years ago, Todd and I recorded a bunch of the TV shows that were made about Herriott's life as a vet. We haven't watched them in a long time, but we should. Todd used to read aloud a Herriott book written just for kids and he read it with an English accent to our kids at bed time. They loved it!

    About writing that story about your own grandfather's life - WRITE IT, GIRL! I think it would be wonderful. The Lord has placed it before you - He knows you can do it and do it well!

    Your friend,