Sunday, April 6, 2008

Northern Lights in the South

This is a fun night excursion we did not once but twice. "The Northern Lights" was set up on North Terrace, Adelaide, all through March. North Terrace is where many of our stately old buildings are all lined up on one road. Some bright geniuses worked out a way to project changing images of light on each of the buildings and the result was amazing, like walking through a fantasy land. There were about five or six light images for each building, each lasting about ten minutes. The one above looks as if it's covered with ivy but it was all light.
Although I took quite a few photos, I'll only post some of them. This is one of the smaller buildings. It's Elder Conservatorium, where Uni students learn music.

This was one of my very favourites. The image is outside of the Art Gallery. Each of those statues were made of light! People were walking up and waving their hands through them.

There's Emma back there in a ray of light.

There was quite a crowd each night the lights were on.

I tried to take a close-up of this one on the museum. It was made to look like a haunted house with spider webs, and there was even a big red back image.

That's part of the state library.

We really liked the bright ones. My little camera isn't all that expensive but it did a pretty good job without its flash.

Because it was Blake's 4th birthday last week, I'll just include a few birthday photos too. It can be quite a trick to get a nice photo of Blake, as he's decided he's camera shy and never poses when anyone asks him to.

Here he is with his big brother.

One of his favourite presents, a kingergarten program for the computer.


  1. Those pictures are amazing! Statues made from just light? Incredible!

    Happy Birthday Blake :-)

  2. Those lights are incredible! I had my nose an inch away from the screen trying to see how those statues could be made of light!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Blake. He looks so cute!

    Peace and Laughter!

  3. The buildings look so beautiful! That is just amazing. The photos turned out really good. It must have been so awesome to see it all in person. It's too bad the lights can't stay up longer. I wonder how they did the statues? Really, really cool.

    Happy Birthday to Blake! My youngest was camera shy from, like, birth until this past year. I'm sure Blake will grow out of it (hopefully!) I have many photos of Carmen grimacing at the camera - so lovely!

    Have a great week!

  4. I just can't imagine how those statues were made of light. They look so real!

  5. Happy Birthday Blake!

    What an amazing light display! I wish we could take a field trip to see that!