Monday, March 10, 2008

A Tag: Lists of 4

I was tagged by Vicki (Balderdash & Blokus), and it's an interesting one, so here goes.

4 jobs I've had.
1. Cleaner at a Bed & Breakfast.
2. Creche childcare worker for a "keep fit" club.
3. Labeler of jars at a gourmet foods produce factory.
4. Helped roll chocolate truffles for a small business.
(None of these were full-time jobs, thank goodness, but helped me through Uni.)

4 movies I've watched over & over.
1. Amelie
2. Where the Heart is
3. Stage Beauty
4. Jersey Girl

4 places I've lived.
(This may sound boring, but although I've lived in several different homes, they've all been based in the city of my birth; Adelaide. So this may not mean much to many, but here goes.)
1. Bridgewater
2. West Lakes
3. Stirling
4. Mount Barker

4 TV shows I watch
1. The Biggest Loser
2. Everybody Loves Raymond
3. Friends
4. Mythbusters

4 places I've been
1. Fiji
2. The UK
3. Italy
4. Switzerland
(I was 12 when I visited Fiji and 15 when I took a European trip. I mentioned it to my family just the other day, and my dh said, "I envy you." I had to reply, "I envy myself, too," because although the trip was wonderful back in my teens, I think I'd get even more out of it now, given the same opportunity.)

4 people who email me regularly
I don't think anyone does.

4 favourite foods
1. Salads (I'm a salad girl)
2. Soups (I'm a soup girl)
3. Vegetable Lasagne
4. Stuffed, baked potatoes

4 places I'd rather be
1. The Greek Isles (or any Meditteranean sea port)
2. Italy
3. America
4. The UK

4 Things I look forward to this year
1. Getting at least two of my contemporary romance/drama fictions back into print.
2. My husband's 40th in June.
3. Possibly another family holiday to the Flinders Ranges
4. Easter in 2 weeks time

4 people to tag.
Hey, as I've no idea who's already filled this one out, I'll leave it open. But I wouldn't mind a comment if you decide to do it so I can come and look.



  1. If you need a travel partner for that Italy trip just let me know. I'll be there in a shot!!

  2. Very interesting facts and I'm envious too!

  3. I went to Europe when I was 15, too. I have the very same thoughts about it. Maybe someday I'll get back there. I would LOVE to go to Greece next time!

  4. I just wanted to say Hello. I am a home school mom from the United States. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    4 jobs I've had.
    1. United State Post Office Summer Job
    2. A.C. Advertising
    3. Altoona Middle School
    4. Avon Representative

    4 movies I've watched over & over.
    1. While You Were Sleeping
    2. Princess Bride
    3. Peter Pan
    4. Mighty Joe Young

    4 places I've lived.
    1. Topeka Kansas
    2. Joplin Missouri
    3. Wichita Kansas
    4. Fredonia Kansas

    4 TV shows I watch
    1. American Idol
    2. College Basketball
    3. Pro Football
    4. Mythbusters

    4 places I've been
    1. Toronto Canada
    2. Oregon Coast
    3. Florida
    4. Colorado

    4 people who email me regularly
    1. Natasha - Home School Group
    2. Vicki - My sister-in-law
    3. Alice - from My Avon Team
    4. Linda - from church

    4 favorite foods
    1. Pizza
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Lasagna
    4. Chicken & Noodles

    4 places I'd rather be
    1. Outside in the sunshine
    2. Traveling with my family
    3. Grand Canyon
    4. Sea World in San Antonio Texas

    4 Things I look forward to this year
    1. My 40th birthday in July
    2. Easter Picnic with Greg's family
    3. New Home Bible Study Group
    4. Thanksgiving at my Mom's all six of us kids and our extended families are supposed to be there this year.

  5. Oh I loved Amelie. She is literally edible she's sooo sweet.

    My next best are "As Good as it Gets", "Secrets and Lies" and "Falling Down".