Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This has been our fortnight

Most recently, we just had a birthday! Logan has turned 13. Although he behaves nonchalent about being another year older, I'm treating it as quite a landmark. For the first time, I'm the mother of a teenager. And the night he was born is still very clear in my mind. Although when I think of all the things that have happened in those years, perhaps it hasn't been that fast after all.
Last Saturday night, Andrew and I went to a free concert under the stars in the city, given by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The white building with all the angles in the background is the Adelaide Festival Theatre, not quite the Sydney Opera House but our version of that landmark nonetheless.

We parked quite a long way away and had a good walk to get there. The River Torrens runs through the city, and those paddle boats lined up there are something every girl and boy has a go on at least once in their lives.

These passenger boats are called "Popeyes" Like the paddle boats, everyone takes a ride on them some time. I can remember going on them with my cousins and my own Nanna when we were all quite small and I think they're still the same boats.

The river is right on the back doorstep of Adelaide Uni so it brings back mixed memories of those heavy days of study. But I enjoyed that walk, then and now.

In fact that's part of the University in the background behind Andrew.

Emma won this great book on Australia Day at our local celebration in the park. She entered the competition at the library and this was third prize. It's full of a fantastic variety of subjects, including biographies of ancient queens like Cleopatra and Boadicea, classic books recommendations for girls to read, recipes, info on how to tie knots and plait hair, maps of different continents and a list of 'current' princesses from around the world, to name a few. In our opinion it was even better than second prize, which was a free pass to one of the local zoos.

On Australia Day, we sat in the shade and listened to some good live band music. We were a fair way back from the bandstand to get clear photos so this one of Blake waving his flag is probably the best taste of Australia Day for the blog.


  1. Oh, Paula, it looks like fun!!
    I love seeing all the GREEN!! My toes are cold - there's a dusting of snow on the ground - GREEN looks so inviting!

    Congrats to Logan on 13!! That's so fun!! I remember last year you trying to decide if you were going to do something special for him. Did you ever decide? Can you share?
    Happy Birthday to Logan! Enjoy and relish in being 13!! It passes all to quickly. (I remember turning 13. *sigh*)

    Congrats to Emma on the winning of the book! I think I agree that the book would be better than 2nd place. How awesome to win something!

    Happy Australia Day!

  2. Happy Birthday Logan! How exciting to be a teenager, Billy is still more than a year off but he can't wait for it!

    I love the pictures you've been posting. Please give us more. it's lovely to see the sunshine while we're here in the snow and the rain.

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday, Logan!! Enjoy being a teenager.

    Congrats on winning the book, Emma!

    Paula, your pictures are wonderful!
    Enjoy your vacation!