Sunday, January 6, 2008

Summer Fun

We decided the only thing to do to beat the heat was to spend a couple of evenings driving down to the beach. It's well worth the longish car drive to get down out of the Hills. The Glenelg foreshore, where we ended up, is Adelaide's version of the Gold Coast. There is quite a great tourist trade drumming up every summer, with about 5 or 6 different ice-cream and frozen yoghurt boutiques. One of my nephews, who was with us, called it "Party Central." It probably deserves its reputation because the beach is very clean, sandy and free of pebbles or weed.
Blake has decided he's camera shy. Here he is, making a mad dash away when he saw me take out the camera, but I managed to snap him fleeing.

He didn't mind so much when we went walking through the sideshows in the nearby waterslide complex and he got to sit on a ride with Blinky Bill the koala.

Emma looks happy and most of the time she was. But she got a jelly-fish sting in a big wave while we were doing our own version of body-surfing. It left a couple of nasty welts across her wrist. She cried a bit, but decided the beach was too much fun to stay sad for long. And although I love the thought of driving up north and visiting the tropics along the coasts of Qld and NSW, I'm glad we live in good, safe old South Oz at such times. We have none of the poisonous jelly-fish, octopii and sea creatures they have up there, so we knew not to get too stressed about Emma's mishap.

Nothing like a leisurely sunset after a hot day.

I consider this sort of evening get-away is something like a mini-holiday. Even better in its own way, because we return home refreshed, but not needing to unpack, face a whole lot of washing, pick up mail from neighbours. We are going away for a week in February to the Yorke Peninsula but until then, this sort of thing suits me.


  1. I love the beach. I miss warm beaches. Thanks for your great photos - especially the sunset in Australia. I have been cold, all day, everyday for days and days. I'll send you some cold air if you send me some hot air - deal?!

    We know Logan's birthday is approaching and we really want to send him a card in time - but with all that has gone on with us, we can't guarantee it. We have been thinking of him.

    All my kids have been sick since two days after we got home. They are all recovering slowly but, boy, it's been rough. God has been with us and answering my pleading prayers for their recovery. Todd is doing well, is off the prescription pain meds and wishing he could drive (not for a month, doctor's orders).

    I hope Emma's wrist heals up well. Ouch, that must have hurt. Oh, you asked about Todd's surgeon's name - Dr. Swanson. We are going to name a fish after him.

    Thanks for sharing your beach with us. May the Lord bless you in 2008!


  2. Paula! We did it again! You were commenting on my post while I was commenting on yours!

    I think it's so funny when that happens. Our minds do think alike at times, don't they?

    Have a good evening! Hope it's a cooler one.

  3. I love your beach pictures! It's been nothing but rain here for days. Rain and grey skies are nothing compared to the hot days of summer! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful day and escaped the heat!

  4. Lovely beach!
    Sorry to hear about Emma's experience. I got zapped on the wrist by a jellyfish in Puerto Rico when I was a teenager, so I understand her tears. :o( That experience made me very sensitive to jellies. Even if I'm in water with the most harmless jellyfish, I still get a nasty rash on any exposed skin.
    Hugs to her! I'm glad the rest of your time was enjoyable!
    Peace and Laughter,