Monday, September 24, 2007

Little Birds of Paradise

On Saturday night, we went to a "masquerade ball" with Emma, Blake and one of Emma's friends. Logan went to spend some time with his boy cousins because he's not at all interested in dressing up and ballroom dancing, but Emma had a triple dose of excitement to make up for him. She and Hannah, her friend, were on the phone several times just to tell each other, "Only a few hours to go now. I'm so excited!" They're still at the age where it's not 'uncool' to appear too enthusiastic, so I'd better enjoy these next few years. That teenaged stage is just around the corner. It's fun to enjoy a little girl' effervescence and all the skipping and dancing and singing that goes with it. And it's nice to be able to take the girls out for a treat. Emma sometimes feels as if she's a prisoner in a world of boys, to use her own words. So all the slathering on of make-up, trying on of different dresses and practising of dance moves just suits her! Although she's used to trying to fit in with whatever her brothers and cousins are doing, she likes to be a 'girly' girl at heart.

Here they are in the car on the way. Emma has this great black dress with sparkly spangles that we found at a second hand shop once. It's good when opportunities come for her to wear it before she outgrows it.
They're just getting in a bit of practise dancing at the hall while people are still just filtering in.

Naomi, Emma and Hannah at the ball.

Andrew and I had quite a good time too, doing all those old waltzes, military two steps and cha-chas. There were several progressive circles dances that were quite fun, but I find I really have to concentrate. Overall, a good night out. Then I had to go and pick up Logan from my sister's place about a 25minute drive away, and Emma wanted to tell her all about the dance while the boys were putting on the masks and goofing about, so in the end, it was quite a late night too.


  1. What a fun evening! I know what you mean about "all the skipping ..." I love it when my Carmen is excited and jumps/skips about! The girls look great - those masks are really something, so colorful. I'm glad you all had a nice time.


  2. What fun! They must have had a wonderful time. I love their masks!

  3. They look so cute!
    It sounds like it was a wonderful evening!